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This is a review of Home Depot® vs Lowes® vs a Door Contractor's lowest cost
NJ interior door installation services by Interior Door Upgrade, LLC.

This a review of local NJ Home Depots and Lowes interior door installation services.
Please check your local store for current prices and other information for accuracy.

Middlemen vs. Direct Contact:

Both Home Depot and Lowes act as middlemen for their door contractors,
with all the possible communication and other issues involved in dealing
with a third party.

You should also verify each party's responsibilities and procedures,
such as:  Ensuring timely delivery and installation, returns, dealing with
any change orders to the original job, and customer satisfaction, etc.

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC allows you to speak directly to your installer who
is also a decision maker.

$35 Measuring Fee vs. a FREE Measuring Appointment

Both Home Depot and Lowes charge a $35.00 Upfront Measuring Fee, in order
to book a Measuring Appointment.

This fee usually has to be paid in person at the store location and not on the

This fee will be credited to your order, if you decide to use their services.
Otherwise, it's usually nonrefundable (Please inquire first).

Like most door contractors, Interior Door Upgrade, LLC does not charge for a
Measuring Appointment, which we consider to be just a cost of doing business.

Contacting the Door Contractor:

Both Home Depot and Lowes will have to contact the contractor for you.

You will then wait for the contractor to follow up, in order to set up a
Measuring Appointment.

Both Home Depot and Lowes give their contractors anywhere from
24-48 hours to contact you to arrange an appointment.

If you come in on a weekend to the store, the contractor usually does not
receive your customer contact information until a weekday (The requests
are usually faxed then).

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC responds quickly to inquiries, whether they fall
on a weekend or not (The fastest way to reach us is by phone).

Types of Doors:

In order for you to understand the prices of doors, you'll need to know
the different types of doors that are available.

Interior Doors generally come in two types: 

1)  A "Slab" or a "Blank" Door and

2)  A "Prehung" or a "Pre-Assembled" Door

What's a Slab or a Blank Door?

A "Slab" or "Blank" door is just the door, by itself (no frame).

A slab is less costly, of lighter weight than a Prehung,
but harder to accurately fit and install by traditional contractors.

What's a Prehung or a Pre-Assembled Door?

A "Prehung" or a "Pre-assembled Door" is a door with the frame or jamb
attached, as part of a door unit.

Traditional installers prefer using this door, as it's almost foolproof to install.
It does not require measuring, fitting and cutting the door to fit, as a slab door does.

Unfortunately, the contractor will have to rip out your current door
moldings and factor their replacement cost into their quote.

Damage may be incurred to adjacent wallpaper and paint.

A prehung is more expensive than a slab door.

It's also much heavier and bulkier than a slab door, because it has a
door frame or jamb already attached to the door, as part of the door unit.

Hollow Core and Solid Core and Wood Doors:

Molded, Raised Panel Doors are made of composite wood and by-product
wood chips. They tend to resist warping, shrinking and cracking better than
solid wood doors.

Jeld-wen® and Masonite® are two such popular door manufacturers.

The molded panel doors come in two different densities:  a hollow core door
or a solid core door.

Hollow Core Doors

A hollow core door is lighter, much less expensive than a solid-core, but has
less insulation and noise-reduction values.

Solid-Core Doors:

A solid core door is made of denser materials at its core, is more insulated
and sound proof than a hollow core.

Wood Doors:

Instead of a composite wood door, you may prefer the beauty and natural look
of all Wood Doors, instead.

Wood doors tend to be more expensive and heavier, with good sound reduction
and insulation.

Wood Doors are available in clear pine, or hardwoods, such as oak, maple, etc.

Home Depot or Lowes Door Installation Prices:

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC beats both our local Home Depot's and Lowes'
door installation prices.

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC also has a Lowest Price Guarantee:*


Both Home Depot and Lowes charge you a Labor or Installation Fee per door.

You will also need to pay for the door, which is in addition to the labor fee.

Home Depot Labor Fee:

Starts at $149 Labor Fee Per Door

Lowes Labor Fee:

Slab Door:  Starts at $129 Labor Fee

Prehung Door:  Starts at $199 Labor Fee

Home Depot and Lowes Door Prices:

Hollow-core, Slab Door:  Starts at:  $30 - $40 range

Hollow-core, Prehung Door:  Starts at:  $70 - $80 range

Solid-core, Slab Door:  Starts at:  $80- $100 range

Solid-core, Prehung Door:  Starts at:  $160- $180 range

Buying a Prebored or Predrilled Door:

Please note that a "Prebored" or a "Predrilled Door" (with holes cut out for
the locksets) costs a little more.

However, a Prebored, Slab Door is trickier to install, due to the difficulty of
duplicating the fit of your replacement door to your existing door.

You will also have to buy or reinstall hinges on a new slab, predrilled door.

A Prehung Door comes already prebored, with hinges attached.

Door Style Affects Price:

Prices also vary according to the style of the door panels.

A six-panel door is the most popular style and tends to be the lowest cost.
Other styles can cost more.

Other available styles are:  A four-panel door; a curved top arch, two-panel door,
a Mission Door (also known as a Craftsman), etc.

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC Lowest Price Door Installation:

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC's low door installation prices for our most popular doors
are listed on our website, with labor included.

Please see: 

For instance, our Hollow-Core, Six-Panel Style Door is on Sale at only:
$119.99 Per Door Installed (4-Door Minimum or $120 Service Charge).

Our other Hollow-Core, door styles start at just our low regular price of: 
$119.99 per door installed.

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC's Solid-Core Doors start at only:
$219.99 Per Door Installed.

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC also offers All Wood Doors that start at only:
$199.99 Per Door Installed

(4 Doors or Less on All Doors:  $120 Service Charge.)

A Pre-Hung Door vs. a Slab Door:

A prehung door is basically foolproof for a conventional contractor to install,
which is why they prefer this type of door.

Your current door moldings have to be removed (you’ll need to ask if they can
be salvaged and reinstalled).

There's a problem with installing prehungs, in that there's a possibility of
causing damage to your door's adjoining paint or wallpaper.

A Prehung Door costs much more than a "Slab" or a "Blank" door.

It's also much easier and foolproof for contractors to install, which is
why it's preferred by conventional contractors.

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC's prices are extremely competitive.

Charge for Disposal vs. FREE Disposal & FREE Hinges:

Both Home Depot & Lowes' contractors in our NJ area, usually charge extra
for doors disposal.

You are responsible for buying your own hinges, if you want new ones.

Hinges cost around $5 – 10 each (For Standard-Plated, Steel Hinges).

Please note that most Brass Hinges are actually Brass-Plated Steel.

Both stores usually do not charge for installation of your provided hinges.

You do have the option of asking their installers to place your doors curbside
for your garbage service to pick up.

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC:  FREE Disposal and FREE Hinges!

We want your transaction to be as convenient as possible.

We also want your replacement doors to look great with new hinges
(instead of re-using your existing ones), so we install free door hinges.

Free Installation of Your Provided Door Knobs/Levers (Locksets):

Both stores usually offer free installation of your client-provided locksets.

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC also offers FREE Installation of client-provided
door knobs/levers (As long as they're available on the day of installation).

Jamb Repairs, Custom Woodwork, Door Swings & Other Issues:

Please ask if the contracted installer has available specialists to deal with
any repairs and special issues, such as door jamb repairs, rebuilding a jamb,
changing the swing of a door, etc.

Changing the swing of a pre-existing door (i.e., a bedroom door that swings
outward into the hall, should swing inward into the bedroom) is a difficult
task for the typical contractor.

That's because most contractors do not have the expertise or the proper tools to
skillfully change the swing of a replacement door.

Custom woodworkers and finish carpenters are in demand and hard to find.

A particular door contractor may not have such skilled contractors on staff.

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC provides custom woodworking and expert finish
carpenting services and is highly skilled in dealing with specialized situations.

Change Order Approval vs. Direct Decision:
Big box stores may require a Change Order approved by the store,
before the contractor can make revisions or additions to your job,
which may also affect the original price quote.

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC directly handles changes to your order.

Guarantee Differences:

Both our local Home Depot & Lowes offer a 1-Year installation guarantee.

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC offers a longer, 2-Year Workmanship (installation)


Both our local Home Depot and Lowe's do not currently offer discounts for
purchasing a low minimum quantity of doors.

(Please check with your local store for discounts, information and promotions.)

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC has a minimum of only 5 Doors, in order to
be eligible for our low prices. 
(4-Doors or Less:  $120 Service Charge.)

Doors Delivery:

Both our local Home Depot and Lowes tend to carry only certain doors in stock.

For instance, solid-core doors usually have to be ordered, which can take up
to 14 days (or possibly longer) for delivery.

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC (depending on the door), often has the most
popular doors already in stock with our suppliers.

Customer Service Reviews:

Interior Door Upgrade, LLC is 100% "A-rated" on all service reviews on Angie's

Please do an online search for reviews for Home Depot and Lowes and
your local store locations.

It's also a good idea to ask your store for the name of their door contractor,
so that you can look them up, too.


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